The company objective is to be cost efficient providers of top quality services, where we can help our clients achieve specific goals by providing high calibre technical expertise in the fields of geology, rock engineering and project management.

Our main priorities are to:

  • Help our clients to get the best results possible through close collaboration

  • Work with other experienced colleagues who will assist us in producing the optimum solution for a task

  • Aid companies with training to develop internal potential

  • Support and mentor our clients employees, therefore creating a succession for the future


Examples of what we do and what we are good at.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process encompasses an appraisal of the underground mine or open pit design parameters and a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the inputs they are based on. Additionally, AdiuvareGE will carry out a review of the ground control management plan and its practical application to the project.


Ground control and rock fall hazard audits form an important part of the mining cycle as conditions in both underground and open pit operations change throughout the Life Of Mine. AdiuvareGE personnel have completed audits and generated recommendations for mining companies and financial institutions globally, from open pit to underground and at all scales of mining.

Technical Reviews

AdiuvareGE will act as independent reviewers for technical information pertaining to the geomechanics at all levels of study from preliminary assessment through feasibility to engineering design. We have experience in both hard and sedimentary rock environments, working with a variety of metals and minerals.

Training & Mentoring

AdiuvareGE has a mandate to work hands-on with companies to train and mentor young professionals. We understand that the geotechnical model relies on good quality data inputs and we want to work closely with our clients to train internal personnel in geotechnical data collection; data compilation and rock mass classification. Within the geomechanics field emphasis is put on getting the basics right and making your data consistent so that your model and ground control management plan can be robust.


Ground support design is of primary importance to the development and operation of any underground or open pit mine or tunnel. Reduction and mitigation of risk is an intrinsic part of the necessity to protect the workforce from accidents, as well as limiting dilution and reducing costly interruptions to production.

AdiuvareGE ground characterisation services encompass geotechnical mapping and core logging; data analysis; rock mass classification and interpretation. Using numerical modelling we will analyse the effects of structure stresses and contribute to the stope and pit wall designs and mining sequencing.


AdiuvareGE provide geotechnical input to all levels of mining study from a preliminary economic assessment up to feasibility level. We also provide geotechnical support and training for the collection of auditable geotechnical data for mining studies.


Quality Assurance / Control

The quality of the data used for your model and the requirement for a stringent Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) program can never be under estimated. AdiuvareGE QAQC services encompass assisting with the development of best practices for core logging and sample selection programs; database management; data analysis and verification.

Resource Estimation

Resource estimation and subsequent classification of the resource according to an international code is the primary step in creating value for a project. AdiuvareGE combines the use of geostatistics with innovative solutions to create the most appropriate model and estimate for each project. Using the latest software packages AdiuvareGE will model and estimate a resource, aid target selection and drill planning and report on a project according to the relevant code.

Technical reviews

AdiuvareGE will act as independent reviewers for technical information pertaining to the geology, resource and QAQC for all levels of study from preliminary assessment through feasibility and into production. With experience working with a variety of metals and minerals on projects globally we can complete project due diligence, audits or technical reviews using a qualitative and quantitative approach.

NI 43-101 Reporting

With experience of reporting under various international codes, especially the NI 43-101 and JORC standards. AdiuvareGE personnel can act as Qualified Persons or Competent persons and can assist your project through fully independent reporting to the best practice standards required by international standards.

Geological Modelling

Good geological models are the corner stone for all levels of a project.

Training & Mentoring

AdiuvareGE has a mandate to work in collaboration with companies to train and mentor young professionals.