Hi my dear Cathy, how are you?

I think you are okay with your whole family continuing with your daily activities. For me I am okay and continue with my studies.  My dear I thank you and Mr. Will very much for your support. I have nothing to pay you for your help but I will pray for you always God bless you.

My dear I promise I will help other people according to what I will have and the education which I have as it will help my family and the whole community. My dear we face a lot of challenges being born to a poor family. Especial girls who need someone who can tell help with tuition fees or help to find sponsorship.  I was faced this problem many times.

I tell this to you because you are a woman like me. For example, when I was studying in secondary school most of my friends they get pregnant and loose school; now they have bad life and the one who cause pregnant they don’t help them again.  After completing my studies, I promise I will go to educate the young girls in schools and other areas, especially in the villages, about the negative impact of this because they lose their schooling and some die with disease.

My dear most of men are like lions.  When I visit in my village, sometimes I am crying because many classmates and school mates come at my home place and starting explaining about what they are faced with and I try to help them to advance what to do. Life is very tough and I thank you very much for your help.  Let me end here as I feel pain when I am looking the girls are suffer and doing illegal business so that to get their basic needs.  I will do any legal job even if it will be hard and I trust I will succeed and not be poor like my family, I will struggle to be rich.

Thanks very much, Patricia