Health & Safety

AdiuvareGE personally understand the importance of maintaining high levels of health and safety awareness both in the workplace and at home.

We want everyone to be safe and stay safe as your life and health are a basic right; along with a clean environment to live in.

The AdiuvareGE Health and Safety Policy (AHSP) is aimed at both work life and home life and is based on the equal fundamentals of:

  •  Trust
  •  Respect
  •  Communication
  •  Accountability
  •  Leadership

We encourage and support our personnel to achieve the highest levels of health and safety through training, risk management and communication of AHSP issues to all employees.

We believe that the company should use a collaborative approach to help and advise others. We encourage feedback and lessons learned from all incidents, both internal and external. We promote education and training for all of our personnel.

At AdiuvareGE we expect our personnel to exceed the minimum standards for health and safety and aspire to the highest international standards.